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 Habbo Hotel Forum Rules!

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Super Sonic34
Habbo Forum Administrator
Habbo Forum Administrator

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PostSubject: Habbo Hotel Forum Rules!   Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:50 pm

Here are the Habbo Hotel Forum Rules. Make sure you obide by them all in order to have a safe and secure time here at the Habbo Hotel Forums.

1. No Cursing! This is not tolerated here.
2. No Flaming! Flaming is against the rules.
3. Do not ask anyone on the forum for free coins or furni.
4. Do not ask for rights from anyone to the Agency that they own.
5. Do not double post in a topic within 24 hours. After 24 hours, you may bumb the thread.
6. Always respect Habbo Hotel Forum Staff AND Members.
7. Do not argue with the Staff.
8. Do not threaten anyone on this forum.
9. Do not Roleplay on this forum. This is not for Roleplaying.
10. Make sure your Avatar and Signature are at an apporiate length.
11. Limit yourself to 5 smilies per post. Any more can delete your post.
12. Do not use Colorized or Bold typing. Please save that for the Forum Staff.

Make sure you listen to these rules and make sure you have fun!
~Super Sonic34 (Owner)

Habbo Hotel Forum Creator - SuperSonic34
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Habbo Hotel Forum Rules!
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