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 Post Spelling Errors Here!

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Super Sonic34
Habbo Forum Administrator
Habbo Forum Administrator

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PostSubject: Post Spelling Errors Here!   Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:30 pm

ONLY post Spelling areas here. If you are having a problem with someone, write a new topic about it.

This is how you post a Spelling Error.


- Spelling Error (Forum Problems Forum) *Forum Problems Topic* - Word ( soemthing)

Then I will know what Forum and topic it is in. Put the mispelled word in parentheses at the end, so I know I can find it easy instead of searching the whole thing looking for a spelling error. Then I will fix it.

If it isnt in a forum, then put:

- Spelling Error (Where it is) *What it is in* - Word ( what word is )

~Super Sonic34 (Owner)

Habbo Hotel Forum Creator - SuperSonic34
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Post Spelling Errors Here!
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