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 Selling Items Rules!

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Super Sonic34
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Habbo Forum Administrator

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PostSubject: Selling Items Rules!   Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:23 pm

When you are selling items, make sure you write what item it is, and what price you are selling it for, and if you accept furni or coins


- HC Sofa (16-20 Coins) - Coins Only
- Throne Sofa (35-37 Coins) - Coins or Furni Accepted

Or you may set 1 price as in 35 Coins no less, or something like that, or you can give a varied price meaning you will take anything inbetween that price. Make sure it is in that correct order so people know whats going on. Make sure you put what your selling each in different topics.

~Super Sonic34 (Owner)

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Selling Items Rules!
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